Thursday, December 22, 2011

The challenging of evolutionary dogma via the Question Evolution! UK blog will commence in 2012!

Welcome to the Question evolution UK blog where we will challenge evolutionary falsehoods in the UK and throughout the world in 2012!

Join the Question evolution! campaign and help combat the falsehoods of evolution emanating from the media, children's schools, academia and compromising churches. In 2012, we want to begin our Question evolution! campaign volunteer group's activities in the UK in earnest. May the atheist Richard Dawkins become a Christian and a young earth creationist.

If you live in the UK and you are interested in getting involved in the Question evolution campaign, please contact the UK Creation Ministries International (CMI) office. You can reach CMI-UK via the contact information given at the contact page of their website: Contact form for Creation Ministries International at their UK office

When in 2012 will our blogging begin in earnest? Subscribe to our blog RSS feed and find out! You'll be glad you did. We will have informative blog post plus keep you abreast of our group's volunteer activities in the UK. You definitely won't want to miss our action packed adventures of destroying evolutionary dogma in the UK through critical examination.

In addition, amongst coming attractions is a gentleman who does an excellent Richard Dawkins imitation - including his world famous ignorance of Christianity, history, theology, philosophy, ridiculous speculations and dodging of debates from his toughest opponents. Who could possibly ask for more? The excitement will be raging at this blog! Please stay tuned for future developments!

Volunteer today!

Again, if you live in the UK, we definitely want you to get involved in the campaign. The CMI-UK contact page of their website is at: Contact form for Creation Ministries International at their UK office

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